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L2JFROZEN 1118 (Custom) Projecto X

Mensaje por Admin el Jue Jun 30, 2016 6:36 am

Dynasty Armor
Dynasty Weapons
Assasiant Armor (Only GM)
Custom Shiels


Fixed NPEs
Fixed NPoly zone bug
Fixed Damage zone hits only players
Fixed exploit with packet CannotMoveAnymore
Fixed Topzone votereward (thanks Amnesia)
Fixed admin edit command ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Fixed MoveOnAttack task
Fixed L2Protector works also for summon and not only for players
Fixed Topzone votereward bug
Fixed bug with delete on custom table
Fixed NPE during deposit on wh clan
Fixed Raid boss database update.
Fixed exploit with healing outside baium lair.
Fixed HP/MP Heal shouldnt heal through invulnerability state.
Fixed DropItem flood protector config load.
Fixed Oath/Apella armor usable always by Gm player.
Fixed clan log.
Fixed NPE about alliance.
Fixed weight getMaxLoad formula like L2OFF.
Fixed bug with varka/ketra about summon taking aggro by monster
Fixed bug with Mage/Warrior bane that dont delete all buffs. (like OL/WC buffs)
Fixed register Olympiad and VoiceCommand
Fixed login NPE exception
Fixed private store bug. Incorrect display selled item after cancel trade
Fixed backstab on monsters. Issue: the AI rotates before the skill is finished.
Fixed bug with archer skill and move
Fixed bug with auto attack after skill
Fixed Summon attack request bug
Fixed Summon follow his owner after using skills (Now continue auto attacking)
Fixed lag issue with monster
Fixed multisell list with corrected sell/buy information
Fixed global task load
Fixed shield block
Fixed quest Enhance Your Weapon
Fixed dagger skills Type=Blow Success Critical Sound thx OnaHa
Fixed Adventurers Box: Hair Accessory and Pollen item
Fixed Bluff skill
Fixed Pagan Temple gatekeepers
Fixed weight getMaxLoad formula like L2OFF.
Fixed skill Arcane Power Like L2OFF.
Fixed skill Focus Skill Mastery Like L2OFF.
Fixed skill Accuracy Like L2OFF.
Fixed buff stats of Symbol of Sniper skill like L2OFF.
Fixed quest Proof Of Clan Alliance
Fixed quest 621_EggDelivery
Fixed quest 622_SpecialtyLiquorDelivery
Fixed skill Summon Feline King like L2OFF
Fixed skill Summon Magnus the Unicorn like L2OFF
Fixed skill Summon Spectral Lord like L2OFF
Fixed skill Mystic Immunity like L2OFF
Fixed skill Focus Mind like L2OFF
Fixed skill Critical Power like L2OFF
Fixed skill Focus Mind like L2OFF
Fixed skill Critical Power like L2OFF
Fixed skill War Frenzy like L2OFF
Fixed skill Shock Stomp like L2OFF and add to enchant skill list
Fixed skill Mass Fear like L2OFF and add to enchant skill list
Fixed skill Mass Gloom like L2OFF and add to enchant skill list
Fixed skill Erase like L2OFF and add to enchant skill list
Fixed Item Skill: Magic Barrier like L2OFF.
Fixed Monument of Heroes HTML for Noble characters.
Fixed quest 7000_HeroItems like L2OFF.
fixed spawn protection removed on player move (Bug target NPC and use attack)
Fixed champion mobs HP.
Fixed issue with small and grater CP potion, couldnt be used at the same time.
Fixed offline trade
Fixed signet skill effect not working.
Fixed spawn protection removed on player move (Bug target NPC and use attack).
Fixed quest Proof Of Clan Alliance
Fixed players cant hit team mates on event.
Fixed time for connection check.
Added config to GM color name and title
Added Olympiad debug config
Added debug for zones
Added configuration for participation of AIO in events
Added useful logs to Olympiad System in order to discover possible issues
Added check client Z coordinate instead of server z to avoid exploit killing Zaken from others floor.
Added DB cleaner in order to remove from table if reuse_time = 0
Added checks in order to avoid possible sell/buy tricks
Added config to enable/disable client flood protector
Added debug log for olympiad crash (added custom logger to do this)
Added Paagrio fist on buff count
Added command //l2jfrozen for Admin.
Added new config for CleanDBTask delay. Changed some logs.
Added html monument of heroes like L2OFF
Added L2OFF weight penalty formula
Added core support to lvl 79 & 80 enchant.
Added login server checks to avoid double clients connected
Added freight inventory check to avoid possible duplication items exploit
Added class EffectMpConsumePerLevel
Added XMLRPC Management Service to support TestServer autoRestart feature
Added XMLRPC Configuration details;
Added two platform gameserver restart scripts
Added config ally template
Added mobs id 27181 can teleport players near cabrio Like L2OFF
Added the use of reuseHashCode in order to get the reuse of the skill both based on its level and its id.
Added skill Mortal Strike to enchant skill list
Added skill Major Group Heal to enchant skill list
Added skill Summon Swoop Cannon to enchant skill list
Added skill Aura Flash to enchant skill list
Added skill Summon Nightshade to enchant skill list
Reworked enchant skill trees like Intelude retail
Reworked of Queen Ant AI.
Updated source version to 1.7 compliance.
Updated observer mode
Updated MMOCore Source. (thanks L2jserver)
Deleted unused directory 622_DeliveryOfSpecialLiquor
Deleted unuseful Broadcast Messages to improve system Scalability
Deleted custom script load by default
Deleted unused web services (PayStream, SMS, etc)
Deleted old folder of ANT build
Deleted effect teleport protection. (bad broadcast to all players)
Deleted fortress npc from npc.sql and spawnlist.sql (NOT INTERLUDE FUTURE)
Deleted useless broadcastUserInfo.
Renamed netcore config class to avoid issue with general config class (TODO: should be merged with general config class)
Some check and clean up
Checked some skills like L2OFF
Refactored loggers


Mods adc

Town War
Races On War
Evento monument statuet
Kill The Mob
Siege Reward
crayze rate


Clan Full
Barakiel Nobless
Barakiel Nobless Party
Abri as porta de serpuchers
Wyvern protection'sEvent
Restart System
Camera effect on die
Skill Seller
Npc Augment Item
Remove All itens Subclass
Show Npc Crest
Day To Siege
Mana Potion MP Res
Alt New Char Buffs
New Char Title Color
New Char Name Color
VIP System
AIO System
rate SKILLS CHANCES .Malaria,Flu,Cholera,Rheumatism
PvPs para Montar uma Lojinha
Players Normais Usarem Armas de Heros
Mod AIO CLAN SELLER Npc Exclusivo
Mod Fast Augment Npc
Mod Siege Register Npc
Mod NPC Boss Info
Advanced PvP / PK Color System
Core Npc Buffer
Flag Zone
Correção Announce PvP/ Pk
Time Load Npc Server
Universal Enchants
Não perder os buffs após o restart


Personal Character Password Protection
Enchant Protection
[Trade Protect] Party, Combate, na Água, no Barco
Bots Prevenções{Ant BOT}
Armor Equipment Restriction
weapons Equipment Restriction
Restrição de Login
Usar ou não dragões nas cidades.
Anti Phx Warehouse
Olympiad Skill Protect
Proibir AIO em Olympiadas
Restriçao de Aiox fora da Cidade
Proibir uso de AIO em Eventos TVT/CTF/DM


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